My First Car

     There comes a time in everyone’s life where we feel the need to get out and explore life on the road of course, it’s best done legally. It brings a new kind of freedom and opportunity to our lives. Do you remember the first time you drove your car? See, I’m a new driver, I got my New York State license years ago. At first my husband try to teach me how to drive, it helps for a short period of time but then eventually we argued he made me nervous when he freaks out. That’s it , I said take me to a driving school so I can make our life easy ha ha! So he did I went to AAA driving school, and have a professional instructor. Normally it takes 8 sessions before the Department of Motor Vehicles let you take your road test. I practice my parallel parking, three-point turn and changing lanes. Though I had to do mine the hard way. Still lucky me I got it on first attempt. Just so you know I grew up in a country that having your own car is not necessary. Because we have plenty of public transportation, and most women in my country were not raised to drive.The fact that I move to America I knew somehow, someday I have to learn it. And now that I’m driving my first car a 4-door Honda Civic Gold Tan (automatic with sunroof). This car was originally owned by my husband. After we fully paid this car we decided to get a second car a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited for our traveling needs. Also according to him Jeep reminds him of Philippines. I love my first baby (car) it may not be a new model of Honda but its new to me 😛



5 thoughts on “My First Car

  1. Oi sis, I want to hear more of your experience before taking the exam. just got my leaner’s permit here. yung 8 sessions ba, is equivalent to 8 weeks? so after 48 days ka nag-apply for road test?


    1. Hi sis Mel, yes that 8 weeks is equivalent of 8 session, I choose 6 session at AAA however it only 45 mins each session and the last remaining hour I used it on my road test. In NY you have to attend a 5 hr Pre-Licensing course before you can schedule your road test as the State required maybe you should check your state .


      1. Thanks for the info sis! We have a Triple A here too so I want to check them out about driver’s lessons. At the moment, my hubby and MIL helped me in learning how to drive. 35 mph still freaks me out but will get used it eventually. I live in PA sis, they don’t have the 5 hr pre-licensing course..


  2. Awesome car sis. We have a Honda Accord and I call it my first car as well. We bought it new when we had our first born. Hubby used to have a Mercedes Benz but I did not like it because it wasn’t automatic so we traded it with the HA hehehe..


  3. That beats the crap out of my first car lol it was 22 years ago and it was a 80 something ford granada station wagon. It had a wooden window (for real) and a wire grate grill on the front. I paid a whole hundred dollars for it and sold it for 75 🙂 lol I bought it so I searched for something cheap that ran.


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