My Dollar Collection

I start collecting Paper Money for almost 12 years now. And I really enjoy it, I don’t just collect for quantity. Each piece of currency has significant value for me. Either it was given by a family member or friends and memorabilia from our vacation trip. I used to collect Fridge Magnet too, and I will discuss that on my next post. For now take a look at My Paper Money World Foreign Collection (circulated/uncirculated.

My Album of Paper Money
My Album of Paper Money

So far I have 25 pieces of Foreign Money


My Tatay gave this to me during his 8 yrs employment in Brunei
Philippines Peso: Dr. Jose Rizal (National Hero) Two Peso Bill (obsolete)
Singaporean Dollar from Kuya Rhey
Norwegian Dollar donated by Gracie’s Network

6 thoughts on “My Dollar Collection

  1. you have quite a big bill collection. i also collect bills but i stick with local bills for the time being. i have the obsolete 2,5 + 10 pesos bills. oh, i also have a dollar stashed in my purse which was given to me by my father all those many years ago.

    good luck on your collection, i hope you get hold of more interesting bills from other parts of the world! 🙂


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