Stress Relief Massage Oil

     Due to stressful job and daily activities I start using massage oil since 2003.  I remember way back home my mother  made a special oil for me that I used every night before going to bed.  I feel relax when i rubbed the oil from my legs up to my shoulders. My siblings are making fun of me they tease me like I smell like a n old woman ha ha.! I don’t care,  I still  keep doing it because I believe oil helps my legs not to be prone to varicose veins. And it works for me , but its a whole different story when you move out of the country and you no longer sleep by yourself. Now that I am married I still wanna keep my old hobby however I am so conscious about what brand or scented I would use. I am so glad I found this Massage oil from Bath and Body works. My husband loves the smell, and my skin loves the warm that it gives. So win win for the two of us! I also take advantage there current promo  buy two get one. Each bottle cost $16.00  pricey but worth it though. Here are my favorite scents.

From left to right: Lavender Chamomile, Eucalyptus Spearmint and Lavander Vanilla.


4 thoughts on “Stress Relief Massage Oil

  1. Wow! I didn’t know bath and body has this kind of product. I want that stress relief 😀 and the lavender chamomile. I could use that instead of the efficascent 😀


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