Welcome to our New Home

   Its been  a while since my last post in this blog, i didn’t forget it at all its just that we become very busy this last few months. Today is our 20 month anniversary in Tennessee since we moved from Buffalo.  It was a long journey for both of us , with hard work and constant prayer. Finally we found our home that fits  our needs. It wasn’t easy though , we check almost 25 houses on every subdivisions. Driving back and forth, meeting  with different real state agents and going back home discussing about what we can afford is a lot of work. Especially compromising with what you need and what you want in a house. My husband and I did a lot of research about the place with low crime rate ,close to the shopping area and yet retains the feel of countryside. And God lead us to a home owned by Christian couple. We didn’t used real state agent we just talk to the owner and right there we close the deal. They are very easy people to negotiate with. It was move in ready, the house is only 6 years old and yet the previous owner put a lot of  updates in this  house.  We are so bless because we are not a handy type of couple and with our busy schedule at work the least thing we want to do on our rest day is house repair. Today is actually our second week to this home and everyday is a blessing.

   Now, I have been wanting to do a home tour here on the blog, you know when you get something new and you worked  REALLY hard on it … you want to share it with the world? That’s kind of how I feel about our new home.  So I will start on our OUTSIDE DECOR, please keep in mind that this pictures of front door views is taken during fall season some tree leaves are gone.  Enjoy!

Attached Stone Two car Garage

Now we don’t have to worry about scrapping our car during cold season


Walkway Front Door
Backyard with Gazebo, swing stand ready and fire pit ALL INCLUDED when we purchase the house.
We’re so excited for summer , we’re we can invite friends to come over for Barbeque to our place.
Embracing Autumn season in our own yard

11 thoughts on “Welcome to our New Home

  1. You are indeed blessed to have a house that is ready for move in and that God led you to a Christian couple. I hope and pray that my family will also be able to move in or buy our own house someday here in Canada… it will be a one long journey for us but we know we will soon get there!


  2. I think it has been a long while since I visited your blog. Congratulations on your new house and I am sure you are enjoying it. I wish we can have our own place here too wher we moved that we can also call our home and not just rent. What a lovely home it is! 🙂


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