Our New Samsung Smart TV

   Few days ago after Thanksgiving we just noticed a small spot of  yellow in our old 45-inch TV monitor. Then eventually it became a long line with scattered different colors. From there we knew we need to replace our TV so soon. It was the same week when my in-laws came visit to celebrate holidays to our new place. They are so generous to offer us a gift of a new TV, we went to Hhgregg to browse some TV and we all fall in love in this Skinny built TV from Samsung. It has everything that we need,  we were just so happy when my Mom and Dad purchase this for us , as their house warming gift/ Christmas present.

   This TV brings all the goodies, a Browser  with PIP (Picture in Picture) so you can browse and watch TV at the same time, Netflix App, Youtube, the 3D mini channel etc. It comes with four 3D glasses, simple and very comfortable glasses, very light.  I struggle for a while on how to used the remote control , but it brings a very interesting button which I didn’t even knew that this TV was equipped with it and is a little tiny microphone on top of the remote control. I pressed this microphone button and I found myself talking to a TV for the first time in my life, I started giving some commands like “Menu” etc and this was a pleasure time. The remote control has a touch pad kind mouse that works like a laptop mouse touch pad so that you can navigate from menu to menu up, down left or right, and when you are ready to click just press the touch pad and done, the remote is also equipped with a back light, this is a plus. The sound quality without any extra help like a Surround system attached to it , was good enough for a room; however, if you would like to experience a full home theater drill, I suggest a Surround System. I suggest this TV to anyone who doesn’t want something huge, but neither something small, this TV is the way to go!

Samsung 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Ultra Slim Smart LED HDTV

It’s super-slim, yet makes your screen look even bigger.
trying to test the 3D Glasses
Our simple and cozy living room



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