Finally got a New Car

   I’ve been speaking about getting a new car for a long time, something to replace my Honda Civic, and it looks like it finally happened. I  did a ton of research online, and I started asking myself if I wanted new or used. Of course I would like something shiny and new, but in the class of cars I was looking at, they depreciated so fast I would save a lot of money buying used. Nowadays, most people don’t walk into a car dealership alone, and that’s exactly what I did. I bring my husband to help me decide which vehicle i should buy especially he’s the expert about cars. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted after all that online research and comparing of costs and options, but it’s amazing how quickly you can start waffling, especially when you see how nice these cars are in person. We saw this pumpkin color 2012 Honda Fit Sport with a very low mileage,  along Powell area when we do our errands. As soon as my eyes lay on this car I knew this is the one. After a couple of test drive and negotiating back and forth. With the help of good reviews about this gas mileage wise vehicle no doubt right then I fall in love with this car. We put a down payment to achieve the monthly payment I’m comfortable to pay for.  I’ve been driving this vehicle for a month now and it is indeed a reliable and efficient car. I’m very thankful for this wonderful blessings. Looking forward to what 2014 can offer to us. Happy New Year everyone!

Honda Fit Sport



23 thoughts on “Finally got a New Car

  1. Love the color. It closely resembles my ‘Sexie’s’ color except that mine is a tad more orange.

    Good luck and enjoy driving your new car.


  2. I love the unique color of your new car, that would definitely give you the free time to go anywhere you want without being a hassle to your partner.


  3. Congratulations on your new car. Like everybody here, I love the color. And those two cars kinda look really cute parked side by side in the garage. 🙂


  4. Happy new year and happy new car, sis! Love your new ride! It’s the same color to our Mango Tango grand caravan. 😀 Cheers for a great 2014! 🙂


  5. Oh nice ride! Happy new year po!
    I wish I know how to drive… or maybe I should enroll in a driving school na so I can get a car soon. hehehe.


  6. HI Leah! I like your blog 🙂 Nice car you have there. How I wish I can ride with that car someday…pa visit? hehehe


  7. Congratulations on your new car. I love the color. I am with you. I wouldn’t walk in without my husband because I know nothing about cars so he must be there with me. He knows how to negotiate and he knows all about car buying. My dream car though would be Hummer. LOL! WE have the JEEP already so I want a hammer. That is we have the money.


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