Bedroom is a Sanctuary

   “Turning your bedroom into a sanctuary doesn’t have to be expensive, but it is important,” says West. “It is where you begin and end every day of your life, and it is where you rest and recharge again the next day. Bedrooms are sanctuaries: a place of escape, relaxation and rest. Surely it is, after a long day at work we all wanted a peaceful and comfortable bed to sleep in. My husband and I took a lot of time to save before we decided what type of bed and furniture we will buy. First thing we bought is the Tempur-Pedic bed and pillow I love it! It almost completely eliminated shoulder soreness I was having and back problems my husband was having when we woke up. Money well spent. The furniture just purchase 6 months later and we’re pretty much happy about it. What about you what is your dream bedroom?

Master Bedroom




8 thoughts on “Bedroom is a Sanctuary

  1. Beautiful bedroom you have and it looks like a wonderful room to rest in at night. I do agree, the bed is the place in the house you need to be comfortable and well-rested. I would love to have a really comfortable bed and tempur-pedic is something we consider.


  2. my bedroom use to be my sanctuary till i got married and had a son now they all know where to find me i have to talk walks to find quiet time


  3. I alway say my bedroom is my sanctuary, and the one thing I refuse to allow in my room is a TV. I tell the hubby watch it in another room, but not my peaceful, sleep and rest area, I hate TV


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