Our Simple Kitchen

   They say that the kitchen is the heart of the home. And we have to believe it’s true. Whether small or large, the kitchen is the hub of the home. During our house hunting I always visualizing what my kitchen would look like.  I knew we can’t afford the fancy kitchen that I always see on the magazine but I was hoping at least it was updated and decent size. I’m in the point of my life now that I really want to make our own food in a regular basis to keep our budget  while eating healthy food.  And hopefully this coming spring we can grow our own veggies and fruits.  The stainless  Fridge, stove, microwave and dish washer are all inclusive when we purchase the house. It has kitchen Oak Cabinets and Laminate Counter tops. Our kitchen might be small for some  but I’m happy with it, it is sorts of my own playground.  As you can see I love to keeps everything in order and cleanup our kitchen after I do my own thing. Ants and roaches are not on my guest list, for sure you can relate with me 🙂  hope you enjoy my photos.

Kitchen Oak Cabinets

Storage Pantry

IMG_4763 IMG_4754 IMG_5321 IMG_4738 IMG_4741


10 thoughts on “Our Simple Kitchen

  1. simple yet clean, that is what makes a beautiful kitchen 🙂 I always wanted to have a pantry but there’s limited space in my kitchen 😦


  2. I like your kitchen, sis! So sleek! Looks like I can cook a lot in there if that is mine! Hahaha! If the kitchen is the heart of the home, what do you call mine when my housemates call it the best restaurant ever? I know, they’re so biased! 😀


  3. your kitchen looks like from our condo back in singapore! from the tiles if that’s how you call it from the cabinets hehe I love since it doesn’t look like a lot of things to clean from the dark colours. but now my whole kitchen is white haha


  4. You are so humble ate! That’s what you call “simple”? 🙂 Btw, you have a really nice kitchen! Kahit ako, gaganahan akong magluto diyan 😀


  5. NO stones left unturned! Spic and span is the more apt description! Well done on your kitchen ! Thanks for bringing us to your kitchen, I enjoyed the tour 🙂


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