My Edupro Family

   Reminiscing the good old days has become a trend  in social networking sites. Like for example this Throwback Thursday “#tbt” hashtag this is a photo of yourself  and/or  friends from like long time ago. Of course I have my own moment of TBT which is so memorable and a fun days for me. Ever since I migrated to United States and works for few company here , looking back I realize no amount of money will make you happy if you aren’t happy with the people you work with. “Iba pa rin talaga pag kapwa mo Pinoy ang co-worker mo, iba ang saya”.  I dedicate this post to my Edupro Family whom I’m missing so badly, this photo and video was taken on my last day to this company. It was a blast if only I can work there again and stay here (which is so impossible) if only I could I would do it. I can’t believe its been 9 yrs since I left, Ahhh!..  hate this homesick , feel like I wanna cry. 

From left – right: Mami Liza, Dothy, Angel, Me and Louise

   And here is the video of our Christmas Presentation, with a lead singer Jaime Garchitorena (our General Manager) who’s former Actor/Singer.  It was a privilege working with this great people.  Edupro opens up a lot of good opportunity for me, I become a Test Administrator for  4 yrs and they pay my exam  for Microsoft Certification.  I am so grateful and proud that this is my first and my last job before I left Philippines. So many  fun memories that I will be cherish  for the rest of my life.

Edupro jingle in the tune of Kokomo 🙂 have fun watching 🙂 (katuwaan lang)


15 thoughts on “My Edupro Family

  1. IF you really have great bosses and colleagues who made corporate life bearable then it’s really sad that you have to leave them. At least, you had a wonderful time with your previous company before you left. That is a good consolation in itself. 🙂


    1. He always play the mastermind of bad guys in a movie. He is in the movie “Gagay” with Gellie de Belen he plays the admirer of Gellie . Also he sang the close up toothpase commercial jingle “Just a smile away.” 🙂


  2. Friendship forged awhile back is always missed. This is specially true to former colleagues at work. It’s not always automatic to have that kind of relationship more so, in a new environment/setting.


  3. oh, I feel you, viewing that video and looking at your happy photo with old friends must make you really miss the good old times…enjoying listening to the presentation video 😀 thanks for the free smile I got here today 🙂


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