It’s a Snow Day

   On Tuesday morning it started “pouring snow” most schools  are cancel. Down here in the South, our ground is warm so very rare to see snow stay in the ground. There’s something thrilling about seeing the snow started piling up outside. By the time I’m ready to go home from work there was only about a half inch of snow on the grass.  As I reach the main road conditions get worst, have to deal with stop-and-go traffic. Many people abandoning their vehicles left and right. I’m thankful I was able to make it home after an hour  (usually takes me about 20 minutes), and before dark. I snapped some photos around the house while the snow was falling and thought I’d share them with you today.






8 thoughts on “It’s a Snow Day

  1. It looks beautiful, we don’t get snow here but I know getting even a little snow in the south can be really hard on the traffic as cities are not prepared for it. My cousin in Atlanta took 5 hours to get home (instead of 30 minutes) and had to leave the car on the side of the road.


  2. It has been snowing like crazy here too like every morning we wake up to a newly blanketed ground of snow. It is beautiful though no matter how cold it is. Like today, fresh snow’s on the ground again.


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