Going Healthy

   I suffer from hibernation mode during the winter months and by the time my work day is over, all I want to do is curl up in the living room with my hot cocoa and think about how much I hate winter.  I feel stressed, tired, and grouchy when it’s  cold out and the shorter days make it a lot harder for me. If I allow myself to skip the exercise and eat poorly, it will only make the situation worse. Enough slacking off time to get back in shape. With proper diet and exercise I want my life back. I start researching healthy food to eat and simple exercise that I can do in the comfort of our own home. It would be nice to go nature tripping and get sweat but for now I can deal with it. Here are some of the healthy fitness routine I have done so far and I’m enjoying it! Welcoming the new year with a renewed commitment to living healthy.

Lemon with Honey in a warm water. A part of my morning routine for months now, as a substitute for coffee. After a few months of trying it, I began to notice a big difference in my mood and in my food choices. Love it!

Slowly switching to juicing. Thanks to my Ninja Juicer
I’m not a fan of drinking cold milk in the morning that’s why I seldom eat cereal however this organic products change my taste buds.
Basic Yoga Abs workout
Boat Pose
Contemplating 😛

9 thoughts on “Going Healthy

  1. that’s good for you 🙂 i also started infused water lately as i am not getting any younger i need to check on what my husband and i are eating too 🙂


  2. You look very trim and fit! It’s working so well on you 🙂

    BTW, that abs trimmer reminded me of my own in the Philippines. I used to do it too as well as doing the routinary cardio at the bike. I’d usually do it in the mornings before heading out for work. And at noon time, I go straight to the gym at lunchbreaks. Now, I tread a different lifestyle. I wish I still could go to the gym but I can’t. I am doing my best to keep myself fit despite it all.

    You’re not alone. I hate winter too. It makes me feel so depressed and miserable.


  3. you actually look great and very fit! your yoga exercises and eating right is really doing wonders for you. I love yoga exercises too, your routines in the picture are similar to mine, but I call them more on body alignment or strengthening back and abs, kasi, we need strong back and abs for hiking since we carry a lot of weight


  4. I’m not a fitness buff but my husband is. He can spend 4 hours at the gym right here where we live. I’m the total opposite, although I do an hour every day by force because I’m aware of the benefits of it. I don’t think I can ever do yoga though. I have a Precor elliptical at home, a trampoline, free weights and a fitness disc so they’re enough to keep me fit. I don’t have to do a makeover on my diet because I’ve been a pescetarian for more than 2 years and have been juicing and making smoothies for that long.

    Who loves winter? Not me! I can totally relate with you.


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