Starter Greenhouse

   Spring is finally here! This morning I woke up by the noise of chirping birds and the sun starts to shine as well. Spring reminds me of God’s promises and hopes that Life is Good! Speaking of blooming flowers and beautiful sunshine and sunset. My husband and I looking forward spring because of our dream to have our own grown vegetables and fruits garden. It wasn’t easy for us because we’ve never owned a green house before. We’ve done a lot of research and few trips to different Garden Store to find the right plants for our needs. Recently we became more interested on organic products and decided if we could make our own organic garden in the comfort of our own backyard. Today I will share our journey of gardening and hopefully in the end of this long wait we can harvest a decent amount of food enough by summer. Lets start planting shall we? 🙂

Here is the Step by step of Easy Growing and Planting Instructions:

We found this started Professional Greenhouse on sale at Lowes this kit is the next thing, grab it while it last.

   1. Expand Jiffy Peat Pellets by gradually adding approximately 10 1/2 cups (21/2 liters) of warm water per pellet to expand entire package. add more water as needed . When pellets are fully expanded about ( 1 – 1/2 inches and dark brown) pour off any excess water

After 1 minute the pellet should looks like this when their fully expanded
This selections of organic seed are available to any local store, nothing special except we pick the organic ones. From left – right: Tomato, Pepper, Garden Beans, Lettuce, Carrots, Peas, Mint and Lavender
Each Kit includes 6 Plant Marker so neat

2. Gently pull back netting on top of pellets. Fluff and level surface peat. Sow 2 – 3 seeds per pellet/ Cover lightly with peat. Place dome on the tray and keep in a warm location away from direct sunlight.

Putting seeds in the pellet can be challenging I used tweezers to count the tiny seeds.
Seven Days after you see some seeds are start to grow , getting excited.

   3. When first seeds sprout , prop dome open. When all seeds have sprouted remove dome and place in a sunny location . After first true leaves appear, cut back all except strongest seedling in each pellet.

  4. Add water to tray when pellets turn light brown . Do not over water .

  5. To harden off plants, place outside in shade for several days ( bring plants in at night ). Gradually expose to full sunlight.

  6. To  transplant, dig holes deep enough to cover top of pellets. Gently firm soil around pellet. Water. Stay tune for our Green Garden 🙂 crossed fingers!


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