Minimalist Living Room Setup

     It’s been three years now since we purchased this home in Knoxville, TN. I remember we don’t have any furniture when we moved. We had our couches and TV set up first. The Leather recliner couches was purchased at Knoxville Wholesale they have a 24 months Interest free at that time . The Samsung flat screen TV was a  house warming gift from my in laws. The wall canvass  I made it through Easy Canvass Prints they offer discount and free shipping  esp. on a holiday. The photos  I have used on my canvass are 100% mine.  Check out our collection of travel photos here and let me know if you are interested for the Canvass prints. I will post a  more detailed and close up picture of each canvass on a separated post one of this days.

     I like simple and cozy place when I get home from work. Nothing fancy looking here but I love how we maintain it clean and inviting for our family and friends.

     How about you, do you have any tips or ideas that you can share to minimize and decorate a limited space living room? Please fee free to share your inputs to the comments below.

Savvy furniture choices, clever arrangement and minimalist can help a small living room large.

The paint we use is sort like a yellowish color it helps brighten up our living space.




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