Bedroom Furniture Sets

     After giving our rooms a nice paint and making it simple and yet inviting. I enjoy it more than before when we purchase this home. I like how cozy it is without so much decor. It is not only clean looking but also smells good with the help of scented candle from bath and body works.

     All the furniture on this 3 rooms are from Knoxville Wholesale. The curtains and bedding are  purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond. They have a large variety of any sizes of bed (King, Queen and Twin) for sure you can find one that’s perfect look for your bedroom.

Feel free to comment below and share your own ideas about your own bedroom.

The Master bedroom ( Cherry color furniture  ) from Knoxville Wholesale. White bedding was purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond.

Other angle still at master bedroom
The second room serve as Guest bedroom.
Simple yet very cozy
On the third room we set up a small area for study room. And a futon in case we need extra bed for sleep over.
Other angle shot.

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