Backyard Campout

   My husband and I both love camping and we’ve done it several times. However lately due to this big life transition were facing we hardly make time to go up in the mountain and camp. We found some good camping site an hour away from home, but because of our hectic schedule we decided to just wait till summer. I love the joy of waking up under the stars, cooking over a campfire and making s’mores.  Lately we build our own fire pit and enjoy what we have right now.  We’re having fun  in our backyard and do birds watching. Once in a while at night a few of firefly came visit too its like real camping experience.  What about you all? Is camping your idea of family fun or would you rather stay home?

One of my favorite part of the house that i hang out to relax.

Swing and  campfire IMG_6644 IMG_6712



6 thoughts on “Backyard Campout

  1. Awe! Just like us too. I made us a temporary fire pit in our backyard. There is just something about a family hanging out outside, sitting by the fire pit that is fun and relaxing. Yours look nice. 🙂 We miss camping up in the mountains too, and soon we will be up in Montana or Idaho. 🙂


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