Getting ready for the BBQ season

     This is the cutest and colorful tongs I have ever had. I purchased them as a replacement of the plain ones that we have right now. I love that they are heavy enough to feel sturdy , the silicone grabber is perfect. The tong comes with different sizes too and it locks steady. No more getting the tongs stuck in the drawer or never getting them to stay closed the right way. The BBQ brushes are bonus! This is my first purchased from Ounlife, I’m very happy that this product lives up my household expectations.

Silicon Kitchen Tongs, Pack of 3 with free basting brushes, Ounlife Non stick cooking food serving tongs, 12 Inch BBQ grill Tongs , 9 Inch Salad Tongs and 7 Inch Mini Tongs (Red,Green,Orange)

BBQ Grilling Gloves , Papayay Silicone heat Resistant Oven Mitt Gloves . 1 Size Fits All in orange color.
Wonder Grill Mat Set of 3 wonder BBQ Grill Mats includes 1 exclusive XL Grilling Shee Teflon coated, reusable non stick grilling pads.


 Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion and not influenced in any way by the seller.


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