Basic Hiking and Camping Gear

      It has been awhile since I backpacked but I still remember the guiding principles of quality equipment, lightweight, durable, take up minimum space in your backpack and all items you carry should serve multiple purposes/jobs if possible, the Stolevar cookware set meets all these requirements. The pot and pan are anodized aluminum so they are light, strong and easy to clean. All contents of the set are easily mass-packed into the nylon travel bag included in the set. This is a great set to help you survive the outdoors .

Camping cookware  – compact, lightweight hard anodized pot & pan, bowls, folding spoon, fork and nylon bag from Stolevar.

Single and Double Hammock with carabinet and ropes from Ralt.

     I love this hammock, it’s comfortable, well made and exactly what I was looking for. There’s room in the bag for the hammock that comes with well thought out carabiners, with basic tree straps.  Not sure I’d recommend two sleeping together, unless you want to be very cozy. This was a test purchase to see how it performed before I purchased more, very happy and will purchase again. Looking forward to our next camping excursion, no more on the ground for us.  Great buy if you’re trying to decide, get this one!

Set of 8 Bamboo Skewers (kids friendly hot dog forks 32″) great for outdoor campfire from Tripworthy

     I bought these to cook stuff in my fire pit and to make S’mores. I like the different colors on the sticks to keep them separate. Nice that they are extendable so don’t get too close to the fire.   Whether roasting hot dog or marshmallows, the sticks have held up to the heat. I have even taken a green ScotchBrite scrubby pad to them without any harm to the tools. I almost expected the finish to come off and there’s be some cheap metal underneath, but this was just great to use and clean.

Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion and not influenced in any way by the seller.


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