Home Fitness Product worth Owning for

     This colorful cotton yoga toe-less socks. designed specially for yoga and pilates. They are made of 90% cotton, 8% spandex, and 2% elastic. Socks can be used with a mat for added grip. Socks are great for any type of exercise where you need grippers on the toes.

img_15235 Pairs Toe Yoga Pilates Socks Non Slip Skid Barre Sock with Grips for Women & Men by Lavie Simple.

     This Socks give you stability and grip to give you better balance and the confidence to extend your reach, increasing flexibility.

img_1466Yoga & Pilates Socks for Women (2 Pairs) Non-Slip, Non-Skid Silicone Traction Grip by Veda


     This Antibacterial towel is 100% Microfiber technology doesn’t breed bacteria or odors
It absorbs more than a regular cotton towel makes a perfect yoga hand towel. Forget about leaving behind smelliness/dampness in your gym bag or luggage

img_1411Super Absorbent Better Dry Microfiber Yoga Hand Towel by Super Dry

     Sculpt your body fun and effective accessory for pilates, yoga, barre and dance inspired workouts. It will help you Target any problem area in both the upper and lower body. Shape and strengthen arms (biceps + triceps), shoulders, chest, core, back, inner and outer thighs , hips and butt for all skill levels both women and men.

img_1541Premium Pilates Ring with Bonus Resistance Band, Sport-it Fitness 14 Inch Magic Circle by Go Sport it

     Made from lightweight polypropylene with an adjustable length of up to 10ft – suitable for all fitness levels!

img_1787Adjustable Ultra Speed Cable Jump Rope with FREE Carry Bag by Limm

Disclosure: I received this product in exchange for my honest, unbiased opinion and not influenced in any way by the seller.


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