Trinova Cleaning Products

     Designed for stone, cleans effectively without damage unlike general or all-purpose cleaners that can cause dulling.  Leaves an attractive shine on any stone surface while also dealing with most common messes and spills.Pleasant scents clean smelling kitchen or bathroom instead of a room full of chemical odors.

Granite Cleaner

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Microfiber Suede Sofa Protectors


     We have a pet name Sally she is an outdoor cat. At home sharing a sit with her is cool but I’m always concern on scratches to our furniture. Blanket helps but it doesn’t looks good at all. Needing a better solution, I found this sofa protection in Amazon. It looks really nice. Two days ago I set this up  to our futon sofa located in our family Game Room, so far, I’m really pleased with it. It wasn’t as thick or heavy weight as I thought it might be. And the covers run a little bit short to our futon but it’s manageable.

     Our futon sofa is few years old, has a nice piece of wooden-framed armrest with thick mattress. The futon mattress cover is a little bit worn out. I was wanting a cover to give it a fresh look. The mattress cover has a chocolate brown color  and the tan color of the Sofa covers goes with it very well.  A bonus for me is the straps that came with the protector to keep it in place.  The surface of the protector is very luxuriant to the touch.

     I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and workmanship of these slip covers. I put them on our recliners but it didn’t work out it slip easily. Overall I like the material it’s soft and comfortable yet still protects the chairs and stays in place. I think they’re well worth the price, you can buy it at Amazon site.


     Size 74″H x 69″W with armrest 23.5″H x 20″W sofa/couch protector provides full coverage of furniture, back and armrest,which is suitable for 95% sofa/couch in the market. Ideal covers furniture like chair, couch, loveseat and sofa, please check your furniture size before you place the orders for this microfiber sofa covers. Continue reading “Microfiber Suede Sofa Protectors”