Basic Hiking and Camping Gear

      It has been awhile since I backpacked but I still remember the guiding principles of quality equipment, lightweight, durable, take up minimum space in your backpack and all items you carry should serve multiple purposes/jobs if possible, the Stolevar cookware set meets all these requirements. The pot and pan are anodized aluminum so they are light, strong and easy to clean. All contents of the set are easily mass-packed into the nylon travel bag included in the set. This is a great set to help you survive the outdoors .

Camping cookware  – compact, lightweight hard anodized pot & pan, bowls, folding spoon, fork and nylon bag from Stolevar.

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Snorkeling Set

   I order this Ocean View Snorkel Set before heading to Savannah beach for Memorial day weekend. It came with full face snorkeling mask, adjustable diving fins, net bag and a GoPro Mount (which is cool). I was very impressed on how fast their shipping is.

   The mask fit both my husband and I perfectly, no leaks due to the soft silicone seal. Flexible purge valve design is exactly what I was looking for. Fins a great light weight. Make sure you remove the hard plastic piece before you wear the fins. I think the hard plastic piece is only for shaping the fin. I am no genius but even I could figure that out.

   Its really nice to have your own gear you fully trust and can adapt as you need , because the rented ones can leak. Overall it is a good product and good price.

Ocean View Snorkel Set: Full Face Snorkeling Mask + Adjustable Diving Fins

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