My First Car

     There comes a time in everyone’s life where we feel the need to get out and explore life on the road of course, it’s best done legally. It brings a new kind of freedom and opportunity to our lives. Do you remember the first time you drove your car? See, I’m a new driver, I got my New York State license years ago. At first my husband try to teach me how to drive, it helps for a short period of time but then eventually we argued he made me nervous when he freaks out. That’s it , I said take me to a driving school so I can make our life easy ha ha! So he did I went to AAA driving school, and have a professional instructor. Normally it takes 8 sessions before the Department of Motor Vehicles let you take your road test. I practice my parallel parking, three-point turn and changing lanes. Though I had to do mine the hard way. Still lucky me I got it on first attempt. Just so you know I grew up in a country that having your own car is not necessary. Because we have plenty of public transportation, and most women in my country were not raised to drive.The fact that I move to America I knew somehow, someday I have to learn it. And now that I’m driving my first car a 4-door Honda Civic Gold Tan (automatic with sunroof). This car was originally owned by my husband. After we fully paid this car we decided to get a second car a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited for our traveling needs. Also according to him Jeep reminds him of Philippines. I love my first baby (car) it may not be a new model of Honda but its new to me 😛